EQUAL-Lit: How easy is it for us to listen to the opinions of those around us?


Vă prezentăm primul testimonial din proiectul nostru, EQUAL-Lit, realizat de doi dintre participanții în cursul de formare. Acest testimonial reflectă experiența  participanților în cadrul primei zile din proiectul EQUAL-Lit, un proiect Erasmus+ ce se concentrează pe dezvoltarea capacității lucrătorilor de tineret de a aborda discursul instigator la ură online. În prima zi a proiectului, participanții au fost introduși într-un mediu prietenos și au fost implicați în activități care au consolidat legăturile dintre ei. Ei au învățat să se cunoască mai bine, să înțeleagă diversitatea experiențelor și să-și exprime opinii libere în cadrul regulilor stabilite colectiv, pregătindu-se astfel pentru o săptămână plină de învățare și explorare, în care au abordat tema discursului instigator la ură și modalitățile de combatere.

On the first day of our project, we began by establishing the basics: the rules, the meeting place, and the areas for activities. Throughout the process of setting the rules, we were encouraged to share our opinions and were free to suggest additional rules. We reached a unanimous agreement and formalized it by providing written consent regarding the rules.

In the morning, ice-breaker games helped us gather essential information about each participant within the group. This allowed us to discover interesting facts, such as some of us being morning people while others were true night owls. Additionally, some were newcomers to the Erasmus+ experience, while others were seasoned veterans in the field of Erasmus projects. Each of us brought a diverse range of knowledge and experiences to this small community we were building.

After lunch, new colleagues joined the group, and we engaged in intense activities. We allowed ourselves to be enveloped by the magic of the group, putting the helm in the hands of our partners. We played the role of lighthouses guiding boats lost in a storm, following the lead of music and rhythm. Later, we embarked on a unique experience of being blindfolded and led in a slow walk, which gradually transformed into a jogging session in the meadow. This trust exercise allowed us to experience complete trust in our partners, while also prompting a thought-provoking question: How easy is it for us to listen to the opinions of those around us?

In the evening, we consolidated all our day’s experiences through two instruments: teamwork and debate. We engaged in a competitive game where we coordinated like a group of ants, with each of us changing positions throughout every challenge. The coordination was exceptional, characterized by seamless teamwork without arguments or much guidance.

All these activities led us to the central focus of this project: a discussion on the meaning of „hate speech.” We were divided into small groups to extract as many core essences as possible. After a lively debate, we returned to the larger group to present our ideas. Conclusions were not drawn at this point, as our story had only just begun.

In the final part of our day, we organized the coordination of chores and logistics. For those who had forgotten to write their names, there was still time to do so before lunch the next day!

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