„To be happy, open your heart and follow it” – Testimonial, DIGI-Lit

„To be happy, open your heart and follow it”.  In the form of this quote or better said lesson, I would describe the DIGI-Lit project. At first impression, what can „DIGI-Lit” mean? Many „non-knowers” might say little literature in the 21st century is as boring as high school literature classes. But what did it mean for us?  LIFE. In this project, I felt like we were living. Very often, in these times of overwhelming technology, we forget to live, to love, to smile, being distracted by things that we think can bring us happiness. But in this Erasmus+ project, DIGI-Lit, I realized how important it is to take care of our soul and our interior.

I know, many would ask me, but what does literature have to do with happiness?  Well, the real literature, the one I discovered in this project, is not represented by those banal compositions that we have to learn by heart in high school.  In fact, literature means feelings, life, discoveries. Through it we can transpose our emotions, we can connect with just a few words of a poem….we can really see who we are.

This whole adventure took place at Hospice „Casa Speranței”, a place near Bucharest that at first seemed so simple, but now it has become so complex.  This was the place where I realized that it doesn’t cost me anything to be happy and that the only method to achieve this state is to listen to my heart, regardless of the circumstances. The world is ours, and literature is a method of describing it, this way every place has a story.  But unfortunately, many have forgotten this.  Here I was able to be the superheroes from fairy tales, to create emotions from a few words and live in the truth.

I could not believe that I would end up creating such strong connections in such a short time.  But shortly after the project, I realized that the answer is fear.  Fear of new people, prejudice, not being accepted, and not being loved.  Literature was the one that taught me that there are no good and bad people, but people who are loved and who have not received love.

 What were „the consequences” of this project? STRONG CONNECTIONS….after this project, I made a group with all the participants.  We got to talk daily, I got to finally be in a group where I am accepted as I am.  Honestly, I did not expect to be able to create links so easily and so strongly.  I’m wondering why.  Because the key to being happy is not to impose yourself in front of others through fear. But the key is to manage to find their hopes and dreams around you, to understand them, and to help them.  Even if you will not be helped by the same person again, in the end, all the good comes back to you.


By Alexandru, participant in our Erasmus+ project, Digital skills through literature (DIGI-Lit)

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